• World Soundtrack Awards 2013


    Paul's score for Dredd has been nominated for the renowned Public's Choice Award, at the World Soundtrack Awards, an accolade which is entirely based on the vote of film fans across the world.  

    The World Soundtrack Academy, was launched in 2001, by Ghent Film Festival and presents awards such as Best Score, Best Song and Best Composer.  The awards take place in the Bijloke Music Centre Theatre, and is broadcast throughout Belgium every year.  

    Paul scored the action sci-fi thriller, in early 2012 and was previously nominated for the notable Discovery Of The Year Award, for his score on Limitless in 2011.


  • Studio move


    Paul has recently moved studios!  Still in the Santa Monica area, the new place is ready, and set for exciting new projects already lined up for this year and next. More to be revealed soon...

  • Brand New Project: EA Games


    Paul has been signed up to score EA Games' flagship new game, having just completed work on Despicable Me 2 Shorts, this will certainly be a change!  

    The company, who have been in existence since 1982, have been responsible for video games such as The Sims, FIFA, as well as the Harry Potter series.

    The game is due for release late 2014.



  • Despicable Me 2 Shorts - scoring sessions


    After recording the vocals for Mmm Bop, the score for Despicable Me 2 shorts has been signed off!  The scoring sessions take place this week at Los Angeles' Igloo Music Studios.  

    Paul has been scoring the 3 short films over the last few months, and attended the premier of Despicable Me 2 earlier this week.  

    The Minions were everywhere!

  • Vocals for Despicable Me 2 shorts


    Recording vocals for Despicable Me 2 today!  The talented Kloë Julynn and producer T-Wiz were on hand to sing some Mmm bop!

  • Legendary: TOTD


    It has been announed that Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon will be shown in 13,000 cinemas across China. Paul scored the family-adventure film at the beginning of this year.