• Amateurs In Space: Premiere


    Amateurs In Space Premiered last night at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, with reviews calling it "film-making at its finest" and making note of Pauo's "sublime and note-perfect score".

    It's slated for general release next year.


  • Amateurs In Space: Orchestra Sessions


    The recording and mixing of Paul's soundtrack for the Danish feature 'Amateurs in Space' is now complete. The ensemble consisted of twenty-five string players, full brass & wind sections and a harp for the hour and a half score.

    Mixing took place at Igloo Studios in Los Angeles. Directed by Max Kestner (Max by Chance, Blue Collar White Christmas), the film will track the progress of 2 friends in their journey to try and beat Space X to become the first amateurs in space - all on a budget of $35k!

  • Disney Shanghai Soundtrack


    Paul has created an immersive soundtrack for a brand new digital interactive experience at Disneyland, Shanghai which opens from today. 

    This latest addition to the 'Tomorrowland' site is called 'TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge' and features driving simulators for guests to enjoy. State of the art concept cars named Qing Yi, Ling Si and Guang Suo showcase sound-energy propulsion, connectivity and electrification, that guests can also explore.

    Previously Paul has composed the soundtrack that accompanies the Chevrolet "Test Track" attraction at the Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

  • The B-Side at TIFF


    Academy Award-winner Errol Morris' (Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War) new film 'The B-Side’, which Paul scored this summer, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last week receiving a multitude of glowing reviews from publications such as The Guardian (4*), Variety and Screen International.

    Jason Bailey of Flavourwire described it as having 'much to say, about the shifting winds of technology, the challenges of art that stands the tests of time, and how we choose to think about the lives we've lived.’ The film, about the twilight of polaroid portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman's career, will be screening at the New York and London Film Festivals in October, following on from Telluride.

    Paul’s music was used extensively on Errol’s five-part series ‘It’s Not Crazy It’s Sports’ for ESPN and on Errol’s film about Nobel Prize-winning, Liberian peace activist, Lymah Gbowee.

  • Errol Morris: The B Side


    Mixing sessions are almost complete for Paul's score for 'The B Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography' by the acclaimed documentary film maker Errol Morris (Fog of War, The Unknown Known, The Thin Blue Line). This latest film focusses on portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman, who works with large scale polaroids.

    Elsa has been working in this medium for over thirty years and among thousands of clients, has photographed influential people from all across the arts world, including Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan. A lack of materials, however, through the decline in film photography and the growth of digital photography, means she will be forced to draw her illustrious career to a close.

    The film will be premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on the 12th of September.

  • Dawn Of War III Soundtrack


    Paul has been working on an original score since the beginning of this year for the much anticipated return of the Dawn of War video game series, now in it's third instalment.

    The game, developed by Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War, Company of Heroes), is set for release in 2017 after its announcement trailer became a viral hit in May with more than 3 million views across all platforms.

    More information can be found here: