• Paul heads back to Disney


    Paul is heading back over to Orlando for the final time to put the finishing touches on the Disney Ride.

  • Falcon : Blind Man Of Seville


    Seville based drama taken from Robert Wilson’s bestselling novels. Javier Falcón is Chief Inspector and a brilliant detective, whose personal and professional life is compromised by dark secrets from the past in this Sky Atlantic crime thriller.

  • The Numbers Station - set for release


    Kasper Barfoed's, The Numbers Station, has been picked up by Image for distribution, release is set for 2013.  Paul scored the CIA thriller earlier this year. 

  • Disney - Final Mix sessions in progress


    Now that the Disney recording sessions are finished, it's onto mixing with Grammy award-winning Engineer/Producer Gustavo Borner.

  • Disney - Recording Sessions in LA


    Paul is finishing the final few parts for the Disney project before recording orchestra at LA's Warner Bros Studio. 

  • No Doubt Album Released


    Paul recently worked with Mark "Spike" Stent providing programming for No Doubt's highly-anticipated comeback album "Push and Shove"  which is released by Interscope today.