• Dynasty Recordings


    Paul's currently recording his score to the CW's reboot of Dynasty, the classic 80's drama, at Capitol Studios in LA.

    The series, based on the hugely successful 80's drama of the same name, has a star-studded cast featuring the one percent in all its gloss and gloss, while exposing the dark underbelly: a corrupt world built on backroom deals, betrayal, and , in some cases, murder.

    Gossip Girl and The OC's creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are Exec'ing with Sallie Patrick, and it is directed by Brad Silberling (A Series Of Unfortunate Events, City Of Angels).

  • Errol Morris - Wormwood


    Paul's signed up to score Academy-Award winning director Errol Morris' (The Thin Blue Line, Fog Of War) new Netflix series, Wormwood, starring Peter Sarsgaard.

    Wormwood is based on a true stpry and explores the mysterious death of Cold War-era military scientist Frank Olson (played by Sarsgaard) and his son's tirless efforts to uncover the truth. In 1953, Frank Olson was recruited to be part of a secret biological warfare program cryptically referred to as Project MKUltra.

    Paul scored Errol's feature, B-Side, last year, which has just been picked up by Neon films for general release this summer.

  • Dawn of War 3: New trailer drops

    Dawn Of War 3: Prophecy Of War

    The new trailer for Dawn of War 3 dropped today, racking up half a million hits in its first day. In addition to the score for the game, Paul also scored this trailer, finishing the mix at London's Air Studios a couple of weeks ago.

    You can check it out here:

    Meanwhile, all 150 minutes of Paul's soundtrack is getting put into the game by the team at Relic in Vancouver - watch this space for news on the game's release in the near future.

  • Anathema: String Sessions


    Paul's been doing string arrangements for British rock band Anathema's new album. Produced by Paul's long-term collaborator Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai), the string sessions are being recorded at Glasgow's Gorbals sound studio. Probably best known for their "Weather Systems" release on kscope, this will be the band's eleventh album. 

    The album's due for release later this year.

  • Dawn OF War 3: Mix Sessions


    Paul's score to Warhammer: Dawn Of War 3 is being mixed over the next month in London and LA. Rupert Coulson (who mixed Paul's soundtracks to Limitless and Dredd) is taking the reins at Air Studios, while Gus Borner (who mixed Paul's Minions and Disney scores) is mixing in LA. A year and a half of scoring - 150 minutes and 180 individual cues - means it's having to be mixed in 2 studios simultaneously.

  • The Accidental Anarchist

    The Accidental Anarchist

    Recording sessions are under way for the Alex Gibney-exec'ed Accidental Anarchist.

    The feature documentary is about senior British diplomat Carne Ross' rebellion against the establishment and his revelatory discovery of a new form of politics. Equal parts personal odyssey and political exploration, it shows what really went on behind the Hutton Report and the backstory behind WMD's which led to the invasion of Iraq.