• Gunheart Recordings


    Recordings for the score of Drifter's Gunheart are taking place, with electric cello in New York, and harmonica and guitar in Glasgow. The soundtrack will be mixed next week by Rupert Coulson in London's Air Studios.


    The game's slated for release in 2 weeks for Oculus Rift.

  • Errol Morris' The B-Side released


    Errol Morris' B Side, which Paul scored earlier this year, goes on general release this week, distributed by Neon.


    From The Academy Award-winning director comes his new feature - a beautiful documentary portrait of Elsa Drofman, a photographer of such visionaries as Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan, who does mainly portraits on a unique huge polaroid camera, and whose photography is inseparable from the details of her daily life. 



  • Dawn Of War 3 Soundtrack release


    Due to the thousands of requests for Paul's score to Warhammer: Dawn Of War 3, we're delighted to announce that it's being released by Nile Rodgers' record label, Sumthing Else Music. Paul scored over 180 music tracks with a duration of over 2 and a half hours. A selection will be available on all digital platforms soon. The album includes the award-winning track from the launch trailer, "Where There Is Darkness".

  • Gunheart


    Paul's started work on his first VR game soundtrack being made for the Oculus platform.

    "Gunheart" comes form a new studio, Drifter, made up of top developers. (Ray Davis (Gears of War, Robo Recall), Kenneth Scott (Oculus) and Brian Murphy (Microsoft)). It's designed as a full-length game for 3 players, with cool weapons, fast-moving combat and co-operation.


  • Warhammer: Dawn Of War 3 Out Now


    After Paul spent the last 16 months scoring the soundtrack, Sega / Relic today launch the game.

    It's being released in the Steam store and is available for download now. The factions you can play as initially are the Space Marines, Eldars And Orks.

  • Dynasty Recordings


    Paul's currently recording his score to the CW's reboot of Dynasty, the classic 80's drama, at Capitol Studios in LA.

    The series, based on the hugely successful 80's drama of the same name, has a star-studded cast featuring the one percent in all its gloss and gloss, while exposing the dark underbelly: a corrupt world built on backroom deals, betrayal, and , in some cases, murder.

    Gossip Girl and The OC's creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are Exec'ing with Sallie Patrick, and it is directed by Brad Silberling (A Series Of Unfortunate Events, City Of Angels).